Who We Are

Bellingham Housing Authority is a local government agency that serves approximately 3,000 homes housing over 7,000 residents in Whatcom County. The Bellingham Housing Authority and the Whatcom County Housing Authority work together to provide needed housing in our community. Some people we serve are:


    • Low-Income Families
    • Elderly People
    • People with Disabilities
    • Working families in need of affordable housing

BHA is governed by a Board of Commissioners.


Board Meetings

Click the link below to see the schedule for meeting dates.

Meeting Dates FY 2016

Meetings Dates FY 2017

Meeting Agendas

Mission Statement

Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide quality, affordable housing for low and moderate income families, elderly households, and persons with disabilities through innovative resource development and responsible stewardship of our housing and fiscal resources.

ReThink Housing!

Having a place to live is a basic need for everyone. Yet, for some people, it remains out of reach. Public housing serves approximately 2.2 million people across the U.S., but the need is much greater; more than half a million people are on waiting lists.

According to the ReThink Survey: Perceptions of Public Housing 2013, the overwhelming majority of Americans believe U.S. citizens deserve a safe and decent place to live. Yet most Americans surveyed do not support public housing in their own neighborhoods and would not want to live near a public housing unit.

Learn more at:  ReThink Housing 

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